The 2019 F-Secure Cyber Security Competition highlights the need for developing and nurturing the next generation talents, and the best way to realize that goal is through the local universities and colleges. For this year’s competition, we would like to cultivate interest in cyber security among the youth by making the topic approachable and interesting.
Below are the topics that participants will come across during the course of the competition:

  1. Reverse Engineering/Analytical Thinking (Skills)
    • x8086 Assembly language programming and programming in general
    • Binary debugging, encryption, and script de-obfuscation
  2. General Cyber Security (Knowledge)
    • News and current events related to cyber threats, security, and targeted attacks
    • Malware and Incident Response – types, behavior, removal
    • Network analysis – tools, packet captures,
    • Forensics – tools, handling process, command line tools, system analysis, log analysis
Poster of F-Secure Intervarsity Cybersecurity Competition 2019
Poster of F-Secure Intervarsity Cybersecurity Competition 2019
  • Category: Competition
  • Academic year: 2018/2019
  • Semester: 2
  • Date: 22/04/2019 and 02/05/2019
  • Name: F-Secure Intervarsity Cybersecurity Competition 2019
  • Place: Wildcard round
  • Type: Cyber Security
  • Group/Individual: Group
  • Member: Lee Ren He, Chow Xiang Quan, Tan Hui Ling